Support us to disrupt war and redirect military spending to climate repair

$30 billion a year of our money (via taxes) is pouring into the pockets of arms manufacturers to create the world's ultimate waste product: weapons.

That's $300 billion bucks committed to rape, pillage and plunder the lives, homes and lands of First Peoples and other forest and water protectors.

Wage Peace / Disrupt War are in active and ongoing solidarity with human and earth rights defenders in West Papua, Korea, Germany, Colombia, Aotearoa and other Pasifika communities.

We are entirely independent, relying solely on donations to continue our activism.

Donate once, or monthly if you can, to support grassroots, strategic and impactful activism for #EarthCarenotWarfare.


Wage Peace / Disrupt War is committed to:

Advocating for disarmament and the redirection of military spending to #ClimateRepair

Ending international support for Indonesian state violence in #WestPapua

Disrupting #WarProfiteers aka arms dealers

Supporting truth telling and healing from the #FrontierWars

Closing the #revolvingdoor between weapons companies and parliament.

Revealing the #ToxicMasculinity and #ColonialMentality that are at the core of military institutions.

Getting weapons companies out of our schools.

Your donations mean the world.

For peace.



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