Earthcare Not Warfare

Earthcare not Warfare is a philosophy and a strategic vision to unite our movements for climate peace and justice.

Earthcare not Warfare highlights the connection between human well-being, global peace, and the health of our planet.

The concept expands on an older peace slogan, “Healthcare not Warfare”, extending the care principle to the planet itself. 


Climate justice depends on climate peace

Earthcare not Warfare: 

  • understands the intersectionality of peace with climate well being
  • foregrounds the experience of the global majority facing armed repression
  • recognises that climate collapse is the genuine security threat

Towards an intersectional global struggle

We need everyone if we are going to survive ‘global boiling’.

We need visions and strategies that speak the realities of the global majority.

We cannot achieve climate justice if we do not also disarm militaries and paramilitaries currently enforcing dispossession and extractivism.

We are united for climate peace.


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