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Sign Now: No Military Exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE for Use in Yemen

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Australia has been dealing weapons with the Saudis and UAE. Christopher Pyne was in Saudi Arabia doing deals at the end of 2016. Human rights lawyers called it 'a conspiracy of silence' because there is virtually no information about the details. 

Human rights abuses have been identified in Yemen and the Saudis are implicated. Since 2015, an unlawful war has been occurring there. The Saudi government has been conducting bombing raids as part of a "coalition" trying to get control. In August 2018, a Lockheed Martin missile killed 40 school children when it hit a school bus.

Save the Children, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch have requested the Australian ministers of foreign affairs and defence to guarantee military exports are not used in unlawful attacks in Yemen.

Australia has signed the Arms Trade Treaty. We say NO to human rights abuses anywhere. 



  1. We call on the Australian Government to guarantee to the Australian people that military exports are not used in unlawful attacks in Yemen.
  2. We call on the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence to ensure that military exports are not contributing to violations of international law by warring parties in Yemen.
  3. We call on the Minister for Defence Industry Steven Ciobo, to reveal which companies are exporting weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE. And we call on them to reveal the exact nature of those products.

Furthermore, we call on any new Government or new set of ministers to quickly and firmly cease Australian involvement in weapons and defence exports. 

Honour the 'Arms Trade Treaty' (ATT) and stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 

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