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Open Letter to The University of Queensland

This open letter demands that UQ pledge to cease receiving funding from ANY foreign government's defence department. Boeing, a company that profits off of genocides in places such as Palestine and West Papua, has a centre at the St Lucia campus, and after a recent report from Declassified Australia detailing funding received from foreign governments, the lack of integrity of the University can no longer be questioned. 

The report confirmed that the United States Defence Department has funded $394 million to Australian universities via grants and contracts since 2007. The article revealed that the University of Queensland was the second-highest recipient of this funding during this time- at $60.5 million. 

The same institutions that educate our populous should not be allowed to profit off of violence, and it is urgent that their support of the military industrial complex ceases.

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I hereby sign this in agreement with the request and concerns addressed in the open letter (attached below) directed towards the University of Queensland. 


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